Drug Regimen Big Lebowski T-Shirt


Drug Regimen Big Lebowski T-Shirt T-shirts


This Big Lebowski t-shirt features an image of the Dude. The shirt reads I’m Adhering To A Pretty Strict Drug Regimen To Keep My Mind Limber.

Jeffrey “the Dude” Lebowski was mistaken for another Lebowski, and the Dude was assaulted, his rug was urinated on, and he was asked to deliver ransom money for the other Lebowski’s kidnapped wife. The Dude was explaining to Maude that he was involved in a very complicated situation, but fortunately he was adhering to a pretty strict drug regimen to keep his mind limber.

Everyone will immediately know that you are a fan of the Big Lebowski when you wear this Drug Regimen t-shirt!

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Drug Regimen Big Lebowski T-Shirt

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